Our vision

what we believe

We believe that system innovation is imperative in order for cryptocurrencies to gain mass acceptance. We believe that future mining operations need to be decentralized to reduce their dependency on regulations from single governments, powerful individuals and fossil or nuclear energy. We believe that the heat that will be generated in the Mining operations should be renewed and reused in the operations.

Our approach

Our decentralized Louhos Mobile Mining Units (LMMUs) offer industry 4.0 automation with little maintenance, are completely modular and have a scalable design. Units are built in a 10-20´standard container, they have a proprietary, highly efficient and failsafe cooling system, an intake of more than 150 kW (depending on configuration) and can turn energy into cryptocurrencies and alternative data applications. Our LMMUs recycles the generated heat to a powerful source of heating that can be used in the surroundings.



mobile mining unit

Our mobility concept allows targeted placement of our mobile mining units at sites where thermal energy is required (for heating buildings, greenhouses or warehouses etc.). This way, we recycle the energy we use for mining. With this strategy, we achieve low electricity and rent prices. This creates another unique competitive advantage for the LMMUs over typical mining farms, which are typically installed in remote areas and are unable to recycle their massive amounts of thermal energy.

Our goal is to create system with the greatest ROI at the lowest overall risk. The core technology of the LMMU has been chosen to only include carefully chosen, well-engineered solutions with a clear focus on improved ROI over the life of the device.

Technical data

Input Power: 150-200 kW (240V)
Mining hardware: 100-250 pcs asic devices per container
Power Usage Efficiency: 0.1 Joule per GH/s
Cooling System: 8 x 400VAC motors with 500 mm dia. fans at 380 W
Cooling Efficiency: 25,000 cbm / h
Heat output: min 500,000,000 BTU

Container: Standardized, internationally accepted standard housing, certified and proven design, seaworthy.

System: Racks inside the container contain networking devices, electricity distribution equipment and the mining systems which are either high-performance asics or based on the graphical processing units (GPU).

Power: Mining Unit can be connected to power line using High Voltage (400V) systems with 125-400A power plugs. Networking devices are protected against unexpected power disruption with UPS.

Network: Internet connection is redundant with multiple 4G connections from different carriers. Management and remote monitoring is made through secure VPN-connection.

Automation: Mining Unit contains many different sensors that provide accurate and reliable measurements for automation control and monitoring.

Security: Multiple wide-angle cameras monitor all angles of the exterior and interior of the Unit for surveillance. Access door is secured by an electrical lock that alerts and keeps track for every access.



We keep analyzing and testing different kinds of solutions to ensure that we are flexible regarding the choice of hardware that the market has to offer in the future.

We are collaborating with industry leader companies and welcome other to join this revolution with us.

Our Team is developing the next generation mining solutions!





Jussi is a serial Entrepreneur and an innovator. Jussi has a business oriented and analytical mind with a great digital knowledge. He has a successful Track Record with 3 exits.

Jussi is responsible of the investor relations and business development.


Marko is an Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in Technology and Security.

Marko is our Data and Cryptocurrency expert. He has been working with the mining hardwares and crypto investing since they exist.


Sami is the electronics wizard and exceptional bob-the-builder. He has been working for Electromechanics and Technology Maintenance over 10 years.

Sami is responsible of the Mining Unit maintenance.


Teemu is an Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in ICT and Graphic Design.

Teemu is responsible of our Mining Units design and overall brand image. He takes care that mining units are equipped with the most reliable technology.

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